Friday, 24 July 2009

Another Op

Thursday saw my 5th operation at the JR hospital in 2 years this boating malarkey is quite a bit dangerous.

Mort arranged for Kate Saffin to take me to the hospital. The trauma unit was closed so off I went to the Lichfield Unit which is where I have been done before. Mort arrived at the Trauma Unit askin for me they said they didn't know where I was. Mort realised I had gone up stairs. Eventually I was recalled down to the other day surgery unit.

I had been placed on the wrong list and would be rescheduled to the afternoon for a local. Quite a long wait really and avoidable. As it happens I ended up having a general, the reason being that the first needle caused me so much pain the surgeon refused to continue till I was out cold. In a way I am glad he did because after the cannula was placed in my hand I woke up done. What is more I felt great!

My body temp was low and it took some time to raise it using a hot air blanket, I didn't see what all the fuss was about I felt good. Mort was there when I got back to the ward and came back with the dogs later to pick me up. In all she came up four times that day I arrived home late with the aid of the wonderful Miss Bones and following a sandwich and a cream cake had a fitful sleep.

I now have 2 weeks, with this the third back slab plaster, before physio starts.
The surgeon say it will be upto 2 months before I am allowed to put any weight on my leg. Oh joy!

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Anonymous said...

And so your still a burden on the NHS still having your little accidents me thinks you should take out an insurance but i think the premiem will be to much as you are a high risk