Monday, 13 July 2009

Time to go Mr Brown

The Army chiefs are saying that our troops in Afghanistan don't have the equipment they need to do the job. They are profesional. They understand the situation. Many have been there at the sharp end and stood toe to toe with the enemy at some time.

However some jumped up wannabe, pretending to be the priminster, says they have all the equipment they need.

Who should we believe? The men who stand on the line and often over it or a man who doesn't even know where the line is. The men whose commitment to duty is never questioned or a man whose commitment to duty, the people of this country, is determined by self interest. The men to whom honour is a way of life or a man whose honour is severly suspect.

We cannot allow a man who changes the rules when he doesnt like the outcome to be the man who our troops rely on for their lives. Nor can we allow someone who refuses to allow democracy to run this country to stand up and say I have your best interest at heart. I seem to remember Mrs Hitlers little boy did that!

The time has come the walrus said to talk of many things. Gordon Brown must step down. He is not the peoples choice, has never had one vote cast in his favour as Prime Minister, he certainly does not have my respect and I doubt many others. His truth is espied through a crooked eye and therefore flawed.

His best mate Mandelson was twice disgraced and left government under a cloud yet now is a senior member of the cabinet, a bloody Lord no less, not one vote in his favour from the people.

We live in modern times, but Gordon Brown would do well to remember, 'of the people by the people for the people', I think GB stopped being one of the people a long time ago. Our troops derserve the best Brown isnt the best. As an accountant he may well have been a great Chancellor of the Exchequer, but as a Prime Minister he is a mediocre plumber.


Heth said...

Totally agree with what you've said, well put, I had a rant about this on Twitter. Bob Ainsworth (Defence sec) really got me angry, apparently this guys a fraudster & once backed the IRA. Oh well yeh, he's really the right guy for the job (not).
Can't provide the troops with the necessary equipment? Then bring them home, after all H&S would require a person to wear a safety helmet on a building site rather than a cloth cap, the principle's the same...
As for Gordon "Bummer" well I think he's the only person in this country I'd like to punch.
Back to Bob Ainworth, send him to boot camp for 12 weeks (as a punishment for his wrongdoings) then send him straight on a 6 month tour of Afghan...

Sad thing is, who would replace Gordon the moron? Who would listen to those who know? Who would do the right thing?

They all as bad as each other, too much power, too much self indulgence, if only they would become the fallen...

In a comment I made the other day about Free Speech "tis the Soldier that gave us that right with his own blood..."


Captain Ahab said...

Hey Maffi, can I be promoted to bloggers you have met please? Thanks for the cuppa the other day.
(Capt Ahab nb Wand'ring Bark)

Maffi said...

Thats a bit cheeky to ask Cap'n considering I am not even on your blog list!