Tuesday, 14 July 2009

US not the USA

Asperger's Syndrome sufferer, Gary McKinnon, allegedly hacked into a computer system in the USA. The USA want him extradited to the States to face charges that could put him in jail for up to 60 years.

Short of locking him up he should receive a medal for exposing flaws that the multi million dollar system builders should have sorted in the first place. That Gary could hack into the system is an indication that someone in America is taking money under false pretenses.

Now many MPs who originally backed the proposal to prevent this extradition have gone all jelly spined and refused to vote against the government.

Poor Gary is up the creek with out a paddle. Americans are baying for blood on one side of the water while this side he is being unceremoniously launched into the hostile sea. Shame on our government for not standing by one of our citizens.

Our Parliamentarians need to remember who they are representing. It is US not the USA who put them in their exalted positions. It is US not the USA who pay their vastly exaggerated salaries. They should start working for the common good of US, every one of US not the USA.

Given the bunch of ugly bastards that pepper our house of commons I just might think of standing myself. If nothing else I am better looking than most of them.


Heth said...

Under the thumb & spineless as usual...


Carl said...

You know, I do wish the media would stop this Asperger's 'sufferer' or (the Daily Mail favourite: 'victim'). Those of us who have Asperger's Syndrome are neither victim or sufferer or anything else. I don't suffer from it, nor am I a victim of it, I just have it. It doesn't make me ponder what I've lost by not being 'normal' because I've never been it, plus the fact that 'normal' people irritate the hell out of me!

Quite correct that Gary is helped as an Asperger's obsession is a seriously dangerous thing and not one that lets go easily until quite a few months or years and not until (rarely) some damage has been done (financial, legal, emotional...).

It's unlikely he's ever been a threat to the US, unless by threat they mean he showed what a weak system they had in place - which should be stronger for Gary's obsession.