Friday, 10 July 2009

Ha Ha

Last night I was watching with disgust as Blue Goose sped past. I mentioned that he would pull my pins out, which he did, but he seem oblivious. Well ha ha ha he may have learned a valuable lesson. If you must go speeding don't do it on a blind bend, especially if you are going to want to stop to pickup crew.

My pins were ripped out but I couldn't help laughing and applauding as he pulled into the offside to pick up his crew member demolished half a tree lost the contents of his roof and got stuck in shallow water.

I was well amused! If all speeding boaters are going to cause this level of entertainment lets have more, its worth the work putting your pins back in.

Its a good job nb Harari Kishti and nb Faith were not on their mooring of he would have given them a good bashing too!

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