Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Right or wrong?

At 69 years of age Maria Del Carmen Bousada has sadly died. Not a great age you might say, it wasn't. What is sadder still is that her two year old sons are left to grow up without a mother. Yes that's right at 67 she gave birth to twin boys. This is exactly why fertility treatment should be used with care, consideration and wisdom. This woman lied about her age to get the treatment which was pioneered with young(er) couples in mind who could not conceive naturally. I am not a greatly religious man but such acts of selfishness fly in the face of all that is decent, all that is right and indeed nature herself.
There are good sound reasons why women have the menopause. It is natures way of saying enough is enough, you are no longer fit enough to do this, the risk is too great.
If a young woman should be unlucky enough to have a menopause early (an unnatural phenomenon) she should be helped, I don't disagree with that, but there are more than enough years for any woman to get her life sorted early enough to have her children within the natural allotted time span.
Thank goodness the NHS will not give IVF to these women and here private clinics draw the line at 50.

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