Thursday, 16 July 2009


With the advent of Windows Vista Microsoft heralded it as the only operating system you will ever need. It, like other systems were force fed to us all by all the computer shop/sheds having it pre-installed on every computer they sold.

My question is, if it was so good why are they producing Windows 7?

What is so different that we need it now?

Do we really need another pile of crap that no one really wants just a year or two after they have learned to use Vista?

All that seems to be happening is tail chasing. We have big hard drives so the manufacturers of software can make bigger programs so the drive makers can make bigger drives so the . . . . . I think you get my point.

So what if you can store a million music files on the drive you will never listen to them! It's a bit like my quarry here at Shipton we can fill it with 1 million tons of hard core and soil but we can only walk on the top inch.

Despite all the hours MS have put into it W7 will not do what I want in a way I want it done. It will continue to ask me if what I just asked it to do is really what I want to do. It will ask if I "really want to close this window", (which is why I clicked on the little cross in the top right hand corner). My computer will still do what it wants when it wants. It will print when it thinks printing is the new black. It will send emails when the moon is blue Stilton, it will tell me I am not allowed to do that despite doing it yesterday without problem, It will once more tell me that I do not have the correct administrator access or it will tell me to contact the administrator for my system (me). It will allow twisted morons with no life to hijack my email address and send all my, now ex, mates sales patter for crap they neither want or need, or drugs they have been trying to kick for several years. At the end of all that it will still be interminably slow, to the point where either I throw it out of the window or I shoot myself.

Why, oh why, oh why, don't they just make what they have better!


An English Shepherd said...

My owner still uses XP and it still works well .


Maffi said...

Me tobut only because it can be made to look like 98

Anonymous said...

Why bother with all that Windows crap - use Ubuntu ( ask Moomin Papa all about it, it is fab)


BohicaUK said...

There's still the opportunity to try out Windows 7 (Release Candidate).If your using any versions of Vista(Pah...) you'll be very,very impressed with the responsiveness of all your apps..

In your current condition,you may mave some time to kill.Get well soon and all the best.