Friday, 17 July 2009

Winning is all

A small schoolboy at the sports day breaks the winning line with his egg still on his spoon. Overjoyed at his prowess as racing balancer of eggs he raises his arms in the air pronouncing for all present that he is the WINNER!

A teacher witnessing this takes the lad to one side and totally destroys his moment. "There are no winners its just a bit of fun", she says.This does not make the slowcoach at the back feel any less last. Everyone knows he/she was last. All that has been achieved is one 5 year old's moment of glory has been dashed by some teacher with her PC head up her arse.

Its no wonder that our children are failing if we are teaching them that winning is not important.Winning is the most important thing we have. It means that someone was the first to discover penicillin, it means that some one was first to discover X-rays, it means that someone was the first to find a cure for a cancer; it means that someone was first to invent anesthetic . . . . need I go on.

Winning is important to me. Had someone not had the enthusiasm to say we can do this and discovered inert optical plastics I would be blind.

We don't speak German because we won the war, but we will loose the peace if we don't win anymore.


Tyson said...

When I was a school I was always the last one to be picked for the football teams. Why? Because I was rubbish at football and everyone knew it and they wanted to win. It did not give me a complex except I still have little interest in football.

I used to teach swimming and even when the smallest kids were told to swim across the pool they turned it into a race. We learn and improve by wanting to be the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maffi -I'm back from Oz and finally cuaght up with your recent posts. How good to see thatyou still talk just utter SENSE!!
I do wish the politicos were obliged to listen.....