Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Aylesbury Basin

As I understand it there is a proposal to build a marina near Aylesbury to replace the existing basin community. The proposed marina is to be built on Circus Field which is two locks up from the basin.

Aylesbury is a big town. It shows how small minded the planners are if they can't simply plan around the existing basin which has been there longer than most of the current town. I was there two years ago and the development was closing in around, seemingly forgetting that the basin was there at all.

The new Marina will be built in another area of housing development. This has problems of its own in that restrictions placed on marinas by housing development can be swingeing and restrict boaters rights. I cant believe the Aylesbury Canal Society are even countenancing the idea.

I suspect when built the marina will bear no relation to the plans I have seen that were surreptitiously marked "INDICATIVE ONLY".

A few questions.
1. Why can the basin not be included in the town development plan as it is? After all it has been there a long time.

2. Should the basin be moved to the new marina what will happen to the stretch of canal between the marina and the old basin? If there isn't a basin there will be no need for that part of the canal so just maybe it can be built on as well.

3. Will the marina be built before the basin closes or will the residents have to moor up the canal while the building work continues?

I get the impression that some towns are getting rid of all signs of the canal while others are realising their mistake and opening up old canal basins can't Aylesbury take a leaf out of others books and see that this is a folly that will, in 20/30 years, be reversed.

I am not sure where I heard it but I thought there was a law against eradicating old canal features.

Meanwhile there are proposals afoot to re-open the old basin in Oxford at Hythe Bridge.


kevin munday said...

i was born in aylesbury and used to fish the old basin regularly ihave an old black and white photo of my father standing in front of thebasin with boat sheds and boats behind him it is one of the few old landmarks left ihate what they are doing tomy old mome town k.munday

Anonymous said...

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