Friday, 14 August 2009


Well well well here we are at the Cropredy Festival. There must be 100 boats south of the village and as many north. The atmosphere is, as usual, great. Herself is in the press tent interveiwing people she has never even heard of and I due to my leg am on the boat listening to the music. We will at least get chance for dinner together maybe! We have been able to moor near the village by hanging my poorly leg over the side and asking.

The village is manic with good music and throngs people. Various stalls selling ethnic stile goods proliferate around the village and food is everywhere. If you have never been make a date for next year and you too can dine on Buffalo Burgers.
Special guest appearance by Cat Stevens.

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Miss T said...

I heard that there was a tent hiring mobility you could have got out and about :-)