Friday, 31 July 2009

Dead Stuff

It is surprising how many dead things come our way. Apart from Morts collection of bones and the 2 Herons and a deer I reported earlier last year, we have a bucket full of 3 moles 1 bat 1 squirrel all very unsavoury.

At the Quarry we often find bones of one sort or another which end up at Morts. There have been two rather large dead carp floating up and down the canal near our mooring lately. Most of a deer skeleton came into my hands a while back.

And as if that is not enough even the dogs are finding them. Boots was proudly strutting his stuff the other day with a dead mole in his mouth, "Look mum, look what I got". It did nothing for his dental hygine, then he dropped it and rolled all over it improving his body odour not one bit. After that Molly decided to roll in it as well, PEEEEWWW!!! After the second time I decided to remove the said body from the field while doing this I found another and a dead snake.

But having said all that we have the benefit of the 59 bus which occasionaly puts a fresh pheasant our way.

Life at Chaise Bones is a mortuary.


mort bones said...

what happened to the snake? Did you bring it home and put it in the bucket?

The squirrell isn't in the bucket....

Maffi said...

The snake is on the railway and the squirrel is close enough to the bucket.

Anonymous said...

It pays to identify your corpse correctly.