Thursday, 6 August 2009

GCC rules again

I am surprised to see how many visitors are coming to this blog by googling "GCC states new rules" or "electronic devices in GCC". They seem to be mostly from Muslim states.

I have checked back with Bill who gave me the information in the first instance and he says as far as he knows it is good info. It is not like him not to check these things.

I doubt the Saudis would check every one going in or out just the seedy looking ones, of which there are many.

If people need to get this stuff into Saudi I suppose they could just zip and email it to themselves, the Saudis don't have a gadget for checking that . . . yet!

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Nepali Youth said...

So Informative. Thnax for the share. I have been entry and exit more than 2 times (after your date of post) but haven't seen such things here (saudi Arabia) at the Riyadh airport.
How can i read the original news publish by the Saudi Gov. Can you please post the Link as well?
Vishnu, Riyadh