Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Gunnels are not for novices

So often on this stretch of the canal I see novice boaters standing and walking on the gunnels. When someone slips in off the gunnel it is quick and the time it takes the propellor to reach the place where someone has gone in is seconds. I can't think that being caught by the propellor is a particularly pleasant experience especially as it is most likely to cause a lot of pain end in demise.

Please, if you read this and are off on a hireboat holiday, do not walk on the gunnels neither you nor the tillerman are likely have the experience to react quick enough to prevent the inevitable.


Soulgirl said...

Is it possible to 'cage' the prop?

Michael said...

yes but it would drastically reduce efficiency

Maffi said...

but it is not like narowboats are efficient is it.