Sunday, 9 August 2009

A Trip Out

I took a trip with Bones on Friday night. I was deposited at Allen's bridge just north of Heyford with all my/our bags, by Lucy. It was either that or hobble on crutches from the station. Bones bought the boat up to the bridge mooring and I hobbled on board while she herself carried the bags on.

We set off with her opening the lift bridge and me sitting on the roof of nb Bones steering. Once through Allen's Lock I went in to prep dinner while Bones took the boat the rest of the way to Somerton where we moored on the edge of a field for the night. The mutts loved it and Boots unsuspectingly found a nice patch of green grass that turned out to be a puddle.

Saturday saw us on our way again, in bright sunshine, with me steering and Bones pottering. We were to meet Adam and Lucy at Kings Sutton, unfortunately the fields were flooded by the rain so a new place was designated, Twyford. A&L bought food, such clever people.

We moored eventually in Banbury where after sorting the boat we popped into the General Foods Sports and Social Club for a much needed cold beer. Oh joy.

If you are in Banbury please do stop by.

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