Monday, 3 August 2009

Measuring things

When we write measurements down we start with the largest division and end with smallest, or visa versa, as in linear imperial measure we may write 1 mile 450 yards 2 feet 6 inches or time we may write 1 hour 15 minutes 27 seconds. We wouldn't write a weight as 1cwt 3lb 4st 2oz simply because in size order, which is the norm 4st should come before 3lbs.

Likewise when we write the date we start with the day then the month then the year. So why oh why oh why do our American cousins insist on writing the month first, mm/dd/yyyy instead of dd/mm/yyyy. After all the date is a measure of the passage of time is it not?

I blame the boston tea party, I mean fancy having a party in the middle of a harbour then tipping the goddies overboard. Dumb dumb dumb! That would have set them back a hundred years in education.


Bill Rodgers said...

As an American cousin, I would argue that our way is better, but I agree with you. The only time I do use the date differently is when I am saving a report that is repeated multiple times for example: reportname.YYMMDD.doc so when I sort by name my results are chronological. As an Earl Grey fan, I apologize about the tea.

Maffi said...

You say you would argue but you didnt, I rest my case, M'lud.