Wednesday, 5 August 2009

New Airport Rules GCC

I recieved this gem from my ex Saudi manager if you should be traveling to the Middle East be aware. You might like to claim infringement of you human rights, but rights especially Human, are in short supply in the Gulf states. Once you step off that aeroplane you WILL play by their rules.

Please be advised that all Airports in Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) have new rules regarding arriving and departing of Overseas workers carrying electronic devices. This has not been published to the public,but please advise all our workers who are traveling GCC airports.

All Electronic devices will be submitted for check up before immigration section. Devices includes Cellular phones with camera and memory card, flash disks, external hard drive, Laptops/notebooks/pc, ipod, itouch, mp3 players with memory cards.

A special USB device will be inserted to the electonic devices that you are carrying. This special device can scan all videos and pictures, jpg, bmp, avi, etc, contents of your laptap/cellphones, and will be recorded to their main computer.

All devices with nude pictures in it will be confiscated immediately.There will be no fines, and refusal will send you to jail and deportation. Laptops with pirated software’s will also be confiscated. This rule has been applied already and is being practice in Saudi, Kuwait , Oman , Qatar , Abudhabi, Jeddah Airports. This is excluding Bahrain airport.

FYI, the special device was invented by a Filipino.

Kindly include this in your orientation with the workers and tell them not to bring any pirated softwares, movies, or nude pictures. Even datas that are hidden can be found by this device, so tell them not to bring any at all.The laptap of one of my friend, a Sony Viao, which cost around 8T SR, was confiscated a few days ago, because of 1 semi nude picture that he forgot to erase.

Thank you.

I hope they apply this rule to Saudi nationals as well, they can be among the worst offenders.


Soulgirl said...

I wonder what this device is? Sounds intriguing if not a little scare-mongering :)

Anonymous said...

what a stupidity

Area D said...

Anonymous said...

yes it is true and it will come soon to kuwait

kapil said...

yes it is true and it will come soon to kuwait