Wednesday, 5 August 2009


David Dale, a Kentish man by birth moved to Sheffield 32 years ago looking for work. He has a boat in the basin and has been moored there for nine years.

The basin was owned by BW but they leased it to Paul ------ things have changed. Of the 15/16 moorings only 5 are occupied (dont ever tell me there are no moorings up north) the others are currently filled with broker boats.

Says David, "Something needs to be done about the canal it is not maintained, the gates and paddles are all very stiff and dredging is a distant memory for the older generation".

The once easy cityscape view from the basin is now blocked by student accommodation. The Market which got its charter in 1200 and something (didn't they all) has been in the same part of the city since. Now the council want to move it to the other end of the city centre. This will change the whole character of the market and many traders are threatening to shut up shop if the move takes place.

Quite a lot of information considering I have never been to Sheffield, thank you David.

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