Monday, 19 October 2009

Bloody EA

In my time I must have locked through 11-1200 locks, maybe more, I know how its done. Why oh why do EA lockies insist that you use fore and aft ropes. ‘Health & Safety’ they say but I know that is bollox. They omit the rest of the statement , ‘Health and safety at Work’. Then I can say, as I have practiced, “I am not at work”. 091019_120615a

It is a point less exercise my laying two ropes on the lock side and then doing what I always do hold the boat on the centreline. Which EA big wig decided that laying two ropes on the ground is any safer than holding the boat on the centreline. Probably a plastic boat owner. 091019_120605a

Plactic boats are shorter and lighter than a steel narrow boat and will move around on a  roof mounted centreline, if of  course the roof structure would hold one. I am sick and tired of being told to lay two ropes when I can’t reach either of them. The lockie at Boulters told me to tie another rope to the bowline why would I have another rope when the ones I have are perfectly adequate. I even suggested aft and centreline because I can hold both of them, but no it has to be fore and aft.

2009_10180056No mate I am not waving at you I am taking your picture.


Anonymous said...

i used to wonder why one had to have two ropes, but then I realised when I saw something rather nasty about to happen when someone was just holding their boat on the centre line!

When I was with you on the Thames a couple of years ago, you had a rather good way (and took great pride in it!) of tying the front rope onto the Bollard and then holding the one at the back. The front rope would work its way down while you did the bizz with the back rope. Dont you do that anymore? What has changed?


Maffi said...

With my leg the way it is I cant be assed with all the running up and down for no benefit.