Friday, 30 October 2009

Day 14 Wallingford

Its after midnight. I am awake, Why?

Well its all my own fault really. I had a case of pressonitus this evening and finally made it to Wallingford about 6 pm having originally planned to stop after Cleve. A very nice chap in a Tupperware boat kindly moved his boat down a bit to get me in. I had dinner, went to the pub, came home, tried getting on line but to no avail; I dozed off in the chair and awoke an hour or so later and went to bed.

It was about 6 minutes after the witching hour that the boat in front of me started his engine.(He'd had his lights on all night and now he wanted every on to know he was a prat. Well now I know and I cant sleep.

I don't have a problem with him running his engine after midnight as long as he doesn't mind me painting his boat green. Oh I feel a yawn coming on, nite nite.


Bones said...

and I thought avalon were bad!!!!

Maffi said...

They are bad this bloke was badder.