Saturday, 17 October 2009

Day 2 to Reading

According to Nicholsons I did 15 miles and 9 locks yesterday. Today I did 29 miles and 9 locks .(these figures will be ammended if I can be assed to check it out on CANAL PLAN AC.

A pleasant journey was had with few problems. At Days Lock I remembered that I was the first through the lock along with Brian and Julie (TUMBARUMBA) after they rebuilt it a couple of years ago. The engineers were still adding the finishing touches. Days Lock is famous for the foot bridge where the national sport of Pooh stick racing was started.

I had expected to stop for lunch above Benson but there was piles of plastic all over the mooring.
Meanwhile later in the day above CLEVE LOCK I rescued an electric boat which had lost its rudder. No I thought no one will believe this so a snap had to be snapped.
I took them down through Cleve and to the back of Goring Lock, The Swan Hotel who hired them the boat.

Reversing out from the hotel I nearly hit this beast. Honestly I didn't see him.
Somewhere around Mapledurham I saw nb De Ja Vue I'm sure I have seen that before?

Mooring up out side Tesco's at Reading the chap behind came out and appologised for starting up his engine 'It's a bit smokey' he said. Seconds later his version of DIDCOT started. A bit smokey was a bit of an under statement. And the noisest yet.


davidbridle1 said...

Sorry Maffi but we can't let you get away with incorrect blogging about Winny the Pooh - have a look here:-


David and Ann (the Bullfrogs)

Maffi said...

Ah but it was not incorrect. I said where the national sport of Pooh Sticks was started. It is started every March. In Winnie's day it was only a frivolous game.

Quote Nicholsons book 7 pg 124.
This unique event was the brainchild of Lynn David, the former lock keeper, who introduced it as a fund raising event for the RNLI."

Anonymous said...

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