Sunday, 18 October 2009

Day 3 to Marlow

It was Sunday, I am a slow starter on Sunday. I finally got up to walk Molly about 9. Then went to Tescos for brekkers. The coffee was diabolic. But I bought a camera 32 quid cheaper than I had seen it anywhere else. With the Savings I bought 8 mb SD card and rechargeable batteries. At long last I am not restricted to taking 20 pictures a day. I now have the capacity for 3000. To prove the point I took over 150 pics today. A lot of them no god at all, but some gems.

I set off about 11. From Reading the the river gets nicer all the way. I didn’t moor until after Henley and then only because Molly was crossing her legs. We continued on and moored at Marlow. nb FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD arrived.  I had seen them earlier going up the river. I  being nosey asked why. They said they had been for water. “But,” said I, “there is a tap by the foot bridge.” “Ah”, said they, a bloke on another boat said there wern’t water till Hurley.” “Not local then,” I said.


It was certainly here when I was here 2 1/2 years ago and the only change is the posh green box.

Molly of course was playing Queen of the May on the hatch cover. Poking her tongue out at passing rowers. (She learned from a master).


Despite his look this chap was quite chatty.



Now I don't know who these people think boaters are but I think they really don’t understand us. Boaters are unlikely to want to pay £10 to moor much less call someone and give them money. Personally for ten quid I want an ensuite burger stall and a pub for my money. There clearly is neither at Sonning Bridge.


The front end of the paddle 'steamer' NEW ORLEANS


And the working end.


And of course the pseudo smoke stacks.


Well it about time I went to bed. Ciao


Mark said...

Nice to see you on the move!
May well end up passing you next week.

Maffi said...

Don't pass keep an eye on where I am and we can meet up for a beer.