Sunday, 4 October 2009

Dear Nanny

I came to live on a boat its quite fun. After I had the pups they were all taken away to other homes then it was my turn. My new daddy floats on the water. His lady friend has a dog called Boots. he is soooooo handsome. We visit a lot. I think Daddy is a dog because he walks on four legs two of the are metal.

I go walking with Boots and once we caught a bunny. I don't think I will catch anymore we are not allowed to eat them Boots' mummy get very very cross.

Boots can be very norty and he has to stay on his lead a lot but he worked out how to cut it with his teeth. Its nice here I get to paddle in the water and when daddy rides his bike to the Tea room I have to run in front. I am getting my figure back.

Daddy keeps trying to give me away but I know he loves me really. It seems everyone loves me. I find lots of cuddles everywhere we go. Daddy gets annoyed he says it slows us down.Daddy went out the other night and left some doughnuts in a bag on the bed. I thought they were for me so I ate them. He was very angry when he came home. I am banished to the floor now. No more comfy chairs for me.

Well that's all for now. Write soon.

Love Molly

PS enclosed is a picture of me and Boots. Boots is the brown one.


grey wolf said...

double trouble,looks like a nice dog good luck with her.they are worth the trouble.

Margaret said...

My mother always told me that if I left anything in my blazer pockets in the school cloakroom, that it was partly my fault if it got stolen, for putting temptation in the way of dishonest poeople. I don't think you should punish your pooch for eating something that you left in an unsuitable place. You meanie!