Saturday, 24 October 2009


25 years 239 days is the time I spent in the Royal Air Force. I thought it might be nice to visit the RAF Memorial at Runnymead. I set off after a lazy morning.

All well an good until nearby contractors at Bell Weir Lock cut through the power supply cable to the lock. No problem you might think just revert to manual hydraulics. Nah that had failed too. The site foreman called the lecky board who said they would call back in an hour and tell him how long it would be before they could come out, expect it to be about 4 hours.

Well the EA engineer turned up about the same time as the lecky man arrived. The EA man set to on the hydraulics while the lecky man sat in his van on the phone.

The EA man had sorted out the hydraulics and managed to close the lock gates drop the paddles with 7 boats in the lock. Then following a drum roll the top paddles raised. Woo Hoo! And in no time at all we were on our way.

This was the offending machine

and the damage.

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Anonymous said...

Well what can I say a machine is only as good or as bad the the operater behind it