Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Eton Boat House

Behind the river at the Army Rowing Club is a new rowing facility. I say new because its not in my Nicholson’s. 25-10 131 The jolly old chaps at Eton have not only built a fabulous Boat Centre, but they have built a huge boating lake in to the bargain., no narrow boats allowed!25-10 132 This didn’t happen overnight. Even if it is only three feet deep, which I doubt, every cubic yard equals roughly a ton That has to be about a million ton hole.25-10 134 And across the other side more development going on building god knows what. I would hazard a guess they didn’t have any trouble getting planning permission.

All the road signs are low impact and as such I would imagine are for decoration only. I haven’t seen these in the highway code.

25-10 137


Bones said...

Cool! YOu actually had a wonder around it! I couldn't be bothered to walk up there when I was there... it is great to see the pics.

Maffi said...

Nah I had a wander :)

Burra Sahib said...

Doprney is a great site --I have a friend's daughter who rowsed for England under 15s and went to a regatta there.A great day out if the sun shines
I believe there was suggestion that it was to be the site for the Olympic Rowing but not certain if that is true

Yup it is--just Googled it

. It is the venue for the Rowing and Kayak events in the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012.