Thursday, 15 October 2009

Fix m' bitch

Molly is nearly in season so as requested by the vet I duly took her for 'fixin'. She was very good in that she was quite happy to get onto the examination table and have the vet poke 'n' prod as is their want. She even quite happily went into the cage to await the 'fixin'. I was a bit apprehensive about leaving her, I knew what was coming, but she looked very cheerful as I left.

I worried about her all day until the vet called and asked me to pick her up. Oh dear what a sorry sight she was. When I arrived her little tail wagged but she would not look me in the eye. I felt I had betrayed her trust.

The vet said she had come through OK, had had something to eat and been taken for a walk and seemed quite happy until I arrived. Then she piled on the sad face. She seem to want me to suffer for this thing I have done.

Minutes before this picture was taken she was outside wagging her tail full of the joys of spring. Of course me being me I am taking it hook line and Bonio.

While she was asunder the vet clipped her claws, which needed doing, and chipped her. I was impressed that the vet, Digby, spent a long time with me talking about Molly when I collected her despite it being late.

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Miss T said...

Glad to see that Molly is doing OK after her (and your)ordeal. xx