Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I knew, I just knew!

There are times when you know you are not alone. Michael Wooding of nb DRACO had a run in with the EA Elfensaftee man at Clifton Lock just a week ago.
He says:-

Got to Clifton lock to find that the lock keeper and his lock was having it's annual inspection from the powers-that-be and the elf and safety mob. Had to behave and do things properly, 2 ropes out and all that.

The EA Area Manager complimented me on my handling of Draco (things went perfectly for some odd reason) but the elf and safety wizard started to try and lecture me on how dangerous it was to single-hand a boat. I asked him if he had ever handled a narrow boat, or even any boat. The answer was no. (some people have all the luck -Maf) So I told him to go and bother someone else, as after nearly 50 years of boating I think I know how to better than him. He seemed a little miffed and the lock keeper and the Area Manager could hardly keep straight faces, made their day I reckon :-

So, after the entertainment interlude, I was off again . . . .

These idiots never learn!
Well done Michael!!!

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Mike & Krystyna Wooding said...

Hi Maffi, glad you liked it ... Michael