Monday, 19 October 2009

Staines Day 4

I set off about nine to Marlow Lock. It did look all very tidy.Unfortunately the grass is Astroturf.

The day dawdled along. Nothing special happened. I used my camera a lot and learned a few lessons, not I might add, about taking pictures. Look at where my boat would have hit had I not looked up.

This ugly bugga showed its face at a Rowing Club.

nb MOLEWOOD can pick up a fair speed.

It not often that you can take a picture like this. That's Windsor Castle in the back ground.Now I wanted to do this so I will moor up on the hard standing in front of the boat you can see it right in front. It is also right in front of the wheel. Not a mooring ring in sight. I sometimes despair at council planners. There was me wanting to spend some of your hard earned cash and I cant get tied up. Doh!

Then there was the BS with the Lockies.

Then Windsor Castle. Did you know it is a serious Criminal offence to set foot on the castle grounds from the river. Bloody Cheek! My opinion is If you want land you can have it, but you can only have as much land as you can mow in one day using a B&Q £25 hover mower. If you can't cut the grass on the land you have you should forfeit it. It will be no god arguing that you can get your staff to do it because they will all be busy cutting their own grass.

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