Friday, 16 October 2009

The Journey Begins

I set out on my great trip this morning a day late. I was feeling really rough Wednesday night and decided to give myself a day.

I finally set off at about 11:30 and moored up just after 6 in Abingdon. The three locks on the Oxford before Dukes Cut were not only in my favour but the top gates were open and waiting. Drinkwater lift bridge was open for me by a BW worker (yes they do still exist). In stead of going the whole way on the Oxford I turned on to the Thames (quicker and locks are manned).

I thought to stop at theWATERMANS ARMS before OSNEY LOCK but decided against it. Being at Abingdon would allow me to reach Reading in one day. By the time I arrived both my feet hurt and the Achilles Tendon was sore. Tomorrow I will spend a lot more time sitting on the roof.

Molly had a very relaxed day sitting on her cushion on the roof with a Laura Ashley quilt over her. Acting every bit the injured party.

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Wozie said...

Glad to see the ships dog and second mate given pride of place, they do like to see where they are going and like to feel 'in charge'.