Thursday, 22 October 2009

Day 7 Still in Kingston

I went shopping in Kingston today again. I lost Molly's lead and wanted a new one and I needed some stamps. I walked for ages without finding a pet store. Then happened on Wilkinson's I went in and asked at the customer service desk if I might be able to buy a lead for Molly nodding at the dog. Yes she said and pointed the way. So off I went, found the pet department and selected a lead. Heading for the checkout I passed the sandwich shelf and picked one up. While I was in the queue some spotty geek with a crap hairdo said "Next time sir please don't bring the dog into the store". It used to be a shop now its a store! "Why", I asked. "Because of the food", he said. "Well you shouldn't have put the food near the checkout then it wouldn't be a problem". "it's a company rule" says he. "Well that's alright then its not like is a law. I don't live here so I wont be back." Exit left past the spotty geek with the crap hairdo.

It took me a while to find the Post Office, it was at the back of a Costcutter shop. I stepped through the door and turned to a young pak who obviously worked there, "Where is the post office". He said, "You cant bring the dog in here". "I only want some stamps" "They wont serve you we sell food". "So." "I will have to ask you to leave", he said. He could have held the dog while I went in, he could have got the stamps for me but no, smug little bastard. I was incensed. "This is my fucking country you little shit!" I left.

I used to see older people in the street muttering to themselves, cursing and swearing. I thought they had lost their marbles. Now that I am one of them I know what its all about. Winston Churchill said after the war, "We will rebuild, we will build a land fit for heroes". What happened was the land is fit for benefit scroungers and foreigners and we Brits can piss off no one gives a shit.
And relax.


gary Murphy said...

I enjoyed reading your blog untill today. you racist prick

Maffi said...

I called him a Pak simply because people from Pakistan that I have worked with call themselves Pak or Paks it is not racist to call people as they call themselves. Certainly no more racist that to call me or you a Brit. At least I do not deny his nationality my government denies mine.

Stop being so narrow minded.

I am allowed to be angry! If someone walks into your home and tells you what you can and cannot do you should be angry to.

Thank you for reading the blog.

Bob's aunty Paula said...

cough! a bit strong, Maffi!

I'd look at it another way: there are stupid people everywhere, we deal with them all the time and every day - it doesn't matter whether they are pink, black, yellow, green or rainbow coloured, but it does matter to 'isolate' the race whilst having a rant. Calm down and see the stupidity over the race - it's much more fun that way.

nb piston broke said...

Oh you did make us laugh Maffi. Paul wants to know why you didnt splice a nice length of hemp for a dogs lead you would have saved yourself the price of a dogs lead and all this aggravation. Hope to catch up sometime soon. Lynne and Paul

Adam said...

You're still a racist. He was probably born here. His country just as much as yours.

Maffi said...

Adam you wouldn't know a racist if one kicked you in the nuts. You are making an assumption. It would be nice in your world for you to think he spoke with a London accent. You wern't there I was.

The real racists are not us. In Black countries the blacker you are the further down the social scale you are. Racism is not the domain of white folks.

Dont speak of that of which you know nothing!

Maffi said...

Paula you are perfectly entitled to look at it any way you chose AS AM I! I dont do PC it stinks

Burra Sahib said...

With a Boat name of Chota Memsahib I should keep quiet!
Philip--(a Brit but that is not a racist statement and I do not object to being called a Brit)

Bura Sahib said...
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B.i.m.m.s. said...

No need!!! I don't think it is necessary to swear at anyone, let alone the other things you said. Unless of course, you are a grumpy old man, in which case you should know better and be setting an example for others to follow. I can see that this would be seen as racist and I don't understand why his ethnic origin had to even enter the equation - it has nothing to do with the fact you were asked to leave, he was merely doing the job he was employed to do. Of course he could have offered to take Molly off your hands for 5 minutes, while you purchased a stamp but maybe you were the second or third 58 year old ‘Brit’ dog owner that verbally abused him thid week, perhaps he'd had enough!

anyway... cheer up grumps!

Wozie said...

I do admire a man who is able to call a spade a spade theses days.
Have you ever watched the TV progrmme 'Grumpy Old Men', well your blog is far more amusing than that.
Thanks for cheering us all up.

Burah Sahib said...

Oh--a bit more on PC!
We have a beautifuland descriptive language--read 'Browning' Home thoughts from abroad.
Why then do the PC brigade have to de-huanise everything?
Going to see a head master or head mistress told me in advance what to expect--but oh no we now have to call them Head Teachers--probably soon it will be Head Learning advisors.
Similarly the lovely anachronistic Madam Chairman has been replaced so any gender in that position is now a Chair--when I learned English--and I spoke Hindi before I spoke English--a chair was an inanimate object on which I sat my ample posterior.
If they called me the Chair of our Resident's Association I would resign immediately as it de-humanises me.
You can call me a fat bald Brit--I can not complain as it is the truth.
I wonder whether you would still have been castigated as racist if you had used the full term Pakistani? I suspect so, but if you referred to a red headed twerp, you would have escaped free?!I think so.
If you were to call me something I am not, then I have a right to thump you!!
Rant over

Maffi said...

Bimms, You have no idea wwhat led up to this incident. I called hinm a Pak because he is from Pakistan. He might call me a Brit because I am from Britain. It is not an insult it's an abreviation. PC warriors are the runiation of this country and the have no, NO understanding of the harm they are doing. What is worse is they are not accountable and they know it! No need, so now you are wanting to be an english teacher you want to tell me how to write english, I write how I feel from the inside, you will never be able to teach that! Why should I set your example I have set my own.

Wozie said...

If you can't be yourself, then who can you be?
We are indeed becoming an homoginised society and must not step out of line in case we get our feet tangled in the dreaded red tape, bah humbug!
You just have to look at the streets of shops and newly built houses, they are all looking the same. What a boring world it would be if all humans were the same, viva indiviualism I say!

Gary Murphy said...

"This is my fucking country you little shit!" how do you know its is not his country?
You were being racist when you stated "pak", you could just have omitted that from your statement and called him a irritating young man. Why does his ethnic origin come in to it? and "Pak" or "Paki" has been used for decades as an offensive term.
Who do you think built the canals? Irish immigrants and just as in them days, we need immigrants to the jobs that the BRITISH BORN BENEFIT SCROUNGERS WONT DO.

I agree that the world has gone PC mad but that is no excuse to use racist and offensive terms.

There is no way you can dress it up. YOU ARE A RACIST and in our democratic society that is your right but in my opinion you are the lowest of the low. to judge a person by the colour of there skin, (which is what you done y calling him a pak) just appalls me. WE ARE ALL HUMAN!

No Matter what race, colour, religon, we all have all faults but dont tarnish everyone with the same brush, me as a white british male would not want to be put in the same group as you, a white british male.


Maffi said...


There is nothing wrong with using Pak it is a term Pakistani nationals use themselves or cant you read!

You need to ge out more. I was there you were not. So your comment is invalid.

You get angry about the wrong stuff. You are assuming that I am british. I am not British you are the racist.

If you dont like what you think I stand for you could stop reading my blog.

Maffi said...

Why has no one bothered to defend the 'spotty geek with a crap hairdo.

Double standards methinks!

Gary Murphy said...

After reading some of your other blogs, i realise you are a racist. why do you worry about an Islamic Great Britain if you are not British?

Narrow minded People like you are what is wrong with this country.
Why Dont you go back to where you come from if your not happy about pakistani people living and working here...... I would rather have 50 million pakistani people living here than you.


Maffi said...

Why don't I go back where I come from: how racist is that!

I come from England as do my ancestors back several hundred years. (One grandmother was Irish)

There are many things you know nothing about read the Koran understand Islam.

You can email me if you want but I will not publish futher comments from a racist.

Carl said...

I don't think Gary should read this blog any more. I don't see how Maffi judged anyone by he colour of their skin - more by what a pain in the arse they were being. Judging someone by their intellect is something we've been doing for years, and i's a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Trying to make someone a racist because you don't like what they say - well, that's just stupid, you moron.

(See, I don't know if you are Black, White or polkadot, but based on your comments I can definitely assume you aren't very bright.)

B.I.M.M.S said...

Yeah I know I wasn't there so can't really comment. I was only trying to wind you up anyway :p the way, I don't want to be an english teacher!

Maffi said...

Thank you Carl.

Was the last sentence aimed at me of Gary. Spose it must have been Gary cant think why anyone would think I am not bright

Maffi said...


At no time did I ever say I was not happy with pakistani people living and working here.

Pleas be sure in the future of getting your facts right or people will think you are, as you called me, a prick.

Ditch Krawler said...

being a dog owner you should realise that most shops & even pubs in certain places don't allow our furry barking friends over the threshold because they sniff, lick & mouth things... so being asked to leave by anyone no matter what their ethnic origin should come as no surprise.. the use of the term 'pak' is bizarre enough but the 'country is mine' nonsense does speek for itself & you dont need to justify your own stupidity any further...

Maffi said...

The only stupidity I am guilty of is underestimating the ignorance of some people who never venture past the seaside. Have no concept of living and working abroad. They wouldn't know racism if it bit them in the bum.

Let me RE-re-iterate for the last time. Calling a Pakistani National PAK is no more racist than calling me a Brit (both terms are abrieviations). It is how they call themselves in places other than Smallville UKPLC.

If people take the time to read what I wrote they will understand that the only thing I said that was incorrect was 'you little shit'. It IS my country, he was a PAK. I do not know if he really was a little shit.

For anyone else who wants to take a pop understand this I will say what I please when I get angry. The whole point of flying off the handle when one is angry is that it is instantaneous. I have no intention of getting angry and stopping to consider what I say there is no point. If you dont like it TOUGH!

Don't go jumping on the PC band wagon to tell me what a racist I am because in your own white circles you are all bloody racists. You are just proving how small minded you are. And don't give me any of that 'cultural diversity' crap. Its all weak liberal speak.