Thursday, 1 October 2009

It's that box of frogs again

It is not easy being a council. There are so many problems to deal with and so many solutions to be found. Oxford Council are absolutely ace. They are so good at not dealing with their problems or finding solutions that they make me look efficient.

Recently virtually all side roads in Oxford were changed to a 20mph speed limit. The change was to take effect early in September. However, due to a glitch in the road works the 20 mph repeater signs were not erected so the new law could not be enforcred.

Yesterday I noticed that some of the signs at the begining of the 20 zones were erected in haste. And could not be seen. I cannot believe that these signs were placed like this.

The yellow cards dont count they simply direct you a website saying why the 20mph is necessary. It certainly isn't a green measure. And I doubt it is really a safety thing, getting up to 20mph in these streets is nigh on impossible.

Even where they got it right they got it wrong! What was wrong with the edge of the pavement? Either side would have done. This is a hazzard for pedestrians and cyclists.

I did not travel far to get these pictures they are all in easy walking distance of Sommerton. The cost must have been astronomical and for no benefit.


Anonymous said...

Recently virtually all side doads in Oxford do you mean ROAD you realy must prof read your blog my excuse is i cant spell whats yours

Maffi said...

I don't need to proof read there is always some smart arse willing to point out my mistakes! :)