Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Shiplake Lock need to load water and unload well err …….. There I was at the water point (actually washing down the side) and a nice narrow boat passes. ARUN I remember but not like this. I did recognise the driver though and called out, “Are you Terry.”. “Yes,” he says, “and you’re Maffi. Its always nice to meet up with old mates who you haven’t seen for sometime. The last time I saw Terry was in Thrupp way back in 2007 April/May time I think and previously in Wallingford and before that Brentford and then at the bottom of the Marsworth flight. In Thrupp I was on my way trough to Banbury. I shared an evening with him and his partner Chris at the BOAT INN. It is sad to say that his partner Chris died recently.

His boat has had a repaint since I last saw it and is really looking good

DSCF1394 Well done Phil Speight.

DSCF1395Terry hadn’t wanted the painted panels on the doors but Chris insisted. DSCF1396

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