Friday, 16 October 2009

Pictures of the day

He does this everywhere he moors, even on soft banks. The wash pushes passing boats on to the sandbank

Yeah pink aint so bad!

I look at this and see BW having a legal battle over it in 10-20 years time. Despite the fact it looks nice if BW havent given permission they could be tresspassing. And there has been damage done to the bank. Perhaps I am a cynic.

This is the bank opposite the Sherrif of Kidlingtons house. It used to be all nettles and brambles I like to think that it was my complaint to BW that brought about the change.

I wonder if this chap is going to be really pissed off when someone chops the front end of his dingy off. There is enough room for him to moor it alongside the bank out of the way.

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Wozie said...

We saw that concrete arangment too, I wonder where it will all end up?