Thursday, 22 October 2009

A Postcard from Molly

Dear Boots

We are having a lovely holiday. We are on the big canal the one where you dont bump your head on the bridges. I get off every opportunity I get and have a good sniff around. There is so much to sniff. Daddy has got his sticks out again and dropped one in the water. People keep telling him off for taking me into shops he tells them rude words and we go.

Daddy says his favourite cake shop has gone so no doughnuts. BOO!

We made it to Teddington on the sixth day. Daddy says he he wont be able to go on the GU its going to be too much hard work so he is heading home up the river. Which is good because there are still some places I need to go again. I have been on the roof most of the time. Its been really fun.

I miss you and your mummy. I can't wait to see you both again.

Hugs 'n' Cuddles


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Anonymous said...

Dear Molly,
Thank you for your post card. I like post cards. Mum has been busy washing stanley because he rolled in something brown and delicious smelling. She said he smelt awful. He is now sitting on the steps being clean. I dont think he likes being clean.
I am pleased you are having a good holiday. I hope we will be able to play when you come back and your stiches will all be better.
Lots of Love