Wednesday, 7 October 2009

This is where I moor my boat

This is where I ‘live’. This is the strip of land between the bridge at Langford Lane and my mooring at Gunpowder Wharf. On the other side of the hedgerow is the Banbury Road then the Oxford Airport.
This mess is made by others, some private, some hirers. I did ask the BW guy what the chances were of getting a skip down if I could organise a work party. A sharp intake of breath was expelled with an "I doubt it". So I don't hold out much hope of help there. I think I can get the bodies its the skip that will be the problem. A rotovator would be useful too.
It could be so pleasant here There are 48 our moorings in front of me, space for three boats, a couple of Long Term mooring spaces then 2 14 day moorings.
There is on old wood burning stove back there somewhere, not to mention beer cans old toys and other misc rubbish.
This is the nicer end
Hirers often stop here, but don't like the mess even though they cause some of it.
Molly get out of the shot!
All is not lost this is a picture of the steps just the otherside of Langford Lane Bridge. The steps are wider and there are now handrails. My only adverse comment about this is it needs another step at the bottom because the ground slopes away steeply, but it is a job well done.

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