Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Treaty of Europe

Ireland had recently voted ‘yes’ for the Lisbon Treaty. This is the second time they have voted on the Treaty of Europe. I find this surprising given that they were totally against it the last time. I also find it surprising because we haven’t had one vote yet.

Why would Ireland vote yes this time? Well maybe the powers that be decided that ‘if’ Ireland were to vote no a second time they would cut off all their EU subsidies. This would leave the Irish economy in tatters.

We live in a democratic country. That means that every one of us gets a vote to make decisions. According to some papers a few years ago 80+% of us wanted the death penalty brought back. Our democratic government ignored us.

Now because it suites them they want us to accept the treaty without a vote. In the treaty there is a footnote which says:- “except in the case of war, riots, upheaval” – then the death penalty is possible.

What that means is if you speak out against the EU you can be put to death. A bit like USSR used to be. Now I am sure most of you will be thinking WTF is he talking about. He has really gone off his trolley now. I thought it was crazy when someone told me. Then to prove them wrong I typed Lisbon Treaty Death Penalty into google. Yes call me crazy if you must, I am a grown up and can deal with that, but do read the information that you can find on the net, then make up you own mind. Or you could put your feet up call for a take-a-way and wait for the storm troopers to come.(The crazy people are the ones who wont listen to the wake up call.)


Adam said...

What right have you, as a non-Irishman, to question their vote? What does Ireland's decision to hold one, two, three or forty referendums on the treaty have to do with the UK's decision? Where is the evidence that 80% of British voters back judicial murder? (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1506834/Less-than-50pc-back-death-penalty.html)

Maffi said...

My grandmother was Irish.

The referendum across europe was a simple one. One no vote meant the whole thing was scrapped. There were two no votes Ireland and I think Holland. I personally think the EU have 'strog armed' Ireland into this yes vote.

From an EU position it cannot be democratic for one country to have one referendum with out every country having one let alone two.

This referendum is not about Ireland its about every european citizens right to have a say on the Lisbon Treaty.

Unlike the American declaration of independence, which would probably fit on 2 sides of A4, this document is huge and laws are being placed in the footnotes of the footnotes to conceal them.

So 1. I have Irish blood. 2. I believe in democracy. 3. I am european.

I have every right to coment on what happens in Ireland now because in another year or two the bastards will execute me for asking.

It depends which paper you read as to what figures you see.

Is you coffe pot boiling over?

Dave E said...

Putting aside the politics, I think it's interesting that countries keep holding referendums until they get a "yes" vote. If the first result was "yes", would they carry on until they got a "no" vote? Somehow I don't think so...

Maffi said...

That surely depends on the question.