Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A trip out

We often have visitors on our mooring at Thrupp. Occasionally we go to meet other boaters at their moorings and sometimes we take a boat and meet people somewhere different. One weekend at the tail of September Bones was down near Oxford and met up with Stefan at Frenchay Road ( a shallow mooring in the posh end of town).

We had meet Stefan at Cropredy Fairport Convention last year and again this year. He is a friend of Clare Barnes, Morts friend from Cambridge. Stefan liked the boat and wanted to come out for a trip so organising the September weekend. Sunday was the appointed time for travelling but Stefan came Friday had dinner spent Saturday in Oxford and we had a beer or two in the Anchor at Aristotle Lane.

The plan was to leave early on the way to Thrupp detour at Dukes Cut on to the Thames (its wide and much easier to steer a boat if there is nothing to hit) heading for Eynsham then return to the canal and home in time for cream tea at Annie's.

Bones is very meticulous at explaining things that most of us take for granted. Everything from coiling a rope to not getting eaten by crocodiles. Casting off with a newbie on board takes about half an hour and so it should when in training mode.

The trip to Eynsham was uneventful, Bones was spreading the information in her head before Stefan so he would have a better understanding of boating and more important safety, until I waved a boat full of girls forward into the lock while I was mooring up. They managed to bang the front of the nb Bones. All they had to do was go into the lock, the gates were open. Ho hum.

On the return to Dukes Cut more training. Bones has an easy way with words and and promoting ideas. If she misses anything its rare. I think she should write a book about boating. Bones may well have a few mishaps with her DIY but she could teach boating to ducks.

Sadly we didnt get back in time for tea at Annie's, but Stefan had a really good time and learned a lot.

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bones said...

I wasn't spreading the information in my head on the way to Eynsham! I was busy on the front deck doing my project!
Twas a lovely day though.