Friday, 2 October 2009


I hold my hands up to most things. I am a bit of a fascist, a bit of a socialist, a bit of a liberal; it depends on the day. This is a small island and we are running out of room to put people. We have 2 million unemployed yet there are still floods of people coming across our border both legally and illegally. The government are robbing us blind. And we as a nation sit back and take it as long as we see footy on the tv, can get a take-a-way dinner and and pop down the pub.
I am arrogant, aggressive, and some time just plain dumb, but the world has come to something when a chap gets called a Daily Mail reader!

(I just get it for the SUDUKO, honest)

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A Daily Mail reader said...

Aah, another Daily Mail reader. Welcome. We are indeed a misunderstood race.