Saturday, 7 November 2009

Clifford T Ward

Clifford T Ward was one of those rare songwriters that has never written a song. He only seemed to write the most amazing poetic stories that were easily set to music.


I bought this album Home Thoughts many, many years ago and it has been a favourite ever since though I have not got a record deck on the boat. Yesterday I finally found it on CD in the ‘Rock and Pop’ section whereas I had always looked for it in the ‘Easy Listening’ department before.

So today I sit here listening to it and reminiscing times past.

I am a bit disappointed that Virgin Records, who now own the copyright, couldn't be bothered to get it right. Though the title is Home Thoughts (as in the Browning poem Home thoughts from abroad) the disc itself is annotated Home Thought no 's'. However the recording is good and worth the eight quid price tag. .

This is the title track, enjoy.


Burra Sahib said...

How strange that you should find it so soon after we chatted about Browning and the poem that became title!

Maffi said...

Yes I thought that too