Tuesday, 3 November 2009

High Lights and Low Lights

Interesting civic art project. I suppose its modern art or they have nowhere else to store old telephone Kiosks.2009_10220024 2009_10220025 


Classical art. This statue being in the market. and the man, Timothy Tompkin being an amateur Bass vocalist who, finding himself redundant, decided to try his hand at busking in the street. He was very good.


This stone is reputed to be the crowning throne of six or is it seven kings of England. Looks more like the decrowning chopping block to me. (Just rest your head there Sire while we inspect your royal neck, ELf ‘n’ saftee reasons Sire)2009_10220037 This is was the greatest cake shop in Kingston sadly now defunct. It’s now a perfume shop just what we all needed another perfume shop. I did find another one but even though the cakes looked good my heart wasn't in it.

2009_10220039 2009_10220018


The Forresters Arms served a lovely meal but their ‘pint’ of Guinness left a lot to be desired. Yes they did top it up but I shouldn’t have to ask when it is served at my table. I recon at that rate if all G’s are served like that 2/10 glasses served are all profit.




Squirrels have to munch their nuts somewhere


I couldn’t get asprin anywhere in Kingston apparently the parrots eat '’em all. BOOM! BOOM!



MortimerBones said...

that is a positively full pint of guiness compared to one pub not so far from a certain mooring.....

Maffi said...

Look closer. The bottom of the head is below the top of the harp and the top of the head doesnt really reach the top of the glass.

bones said...

ah yes, that is fair... at least the guiness in the pub I was mentioning does go to the top of the glass... it CERTAINLY goes down the harp though! I must go and take a photo - although I decided I wasn't going to go back there after the relentless effort it is to get a full pint

bones said...

Perhaps we should do a survey on who can deliver the worst pint of guiness... both in size and quality - although I think we should have a division of labour - you for the former, me for the latter (considering you drank the guiness the other night!)

Martin said...

What puzzles me is that so many people seem to be quite happy with short measure. Say "full pint please" in most pubs and you become an object of derision or worse. Would they be happy if petrol etc. was similarly shorted???

Maffi said...

I said to one barman in Walton, "Can you get a double scotch in there?"

"Yes," he said.

Well it aint a full pint, is it?"

"What are you getting at?" says he.

"I asked for and paid for a pint. If you can get a double scotch in there then its not a pint."

"We are allowed plus or minus 2%," says he.

"So put 2% more in for a change."

"I can't."

"Win-win for you then isn't it."

mike.griffin said...

Shame, another reason for the death of the English PUB.

I get annoyed when the glass is held by the rim - people think I'm stange when I asked whether the Bar person washed their hands before serving the drink.

bimms said...

More importantly... there were parrots?... Cool!

Halfie said...

Our local has started using lined glasses, but only if you get Blackfriars ale (because the Blackfriars branded glass is lined). So that's what I normally get. (A reasonable brew, and it's cheaper than Adnams). Sometimes it even makes up for the countless times I've mean "short measured" in the past: occasionally the glass gets filled almost to the brim (above the line, anyway) giving me MORE than a pint!

Lined Glasses for All is what I say.