Friday, 6 November 2009

I was mugged

Last year I fell and broke my watch. Earlier this year I did it again, one of the strap bar thingies broke when I tripped over a bollard at the Thrupp water point. A short while after I fell again and broke both the little strap thingies. The watch was consigned to the draw until I could get round to having it fixed. That was some six months ago.

Well while it was in the drawer the battery went flat. Today I took it with me to get the strap fixed and a new battery. A CR2016. I went to a nationally known High Street Jewellers in Corn Market Oxford.

“No problem Sir,” said the man, “£1 each for the pins and that’s a high power battery 850.”

Well I don’t know about you but I thought it was a 2016 not an 850 and so it was a 2016, 850 was the price, £8.50. I was stunned because we used to buy these batteries in Saudi markets for 50p a strip of ten. However we are not in Saudi any more and one has to accept a price the robbers err sorry, Jewellers think you will pay.

This evening I was surfing, as you do, and thought to enter the battery number into Google. Now I didn’t know there was a batteries4youdirect but therein I found cards of 12 Panasonic CR2016 batteries for £5.25 per card/45p each. Sold on for £8.50 each that’s £102, a mark up of 1950%.

Were I a big nationally known High Street Jewellers I could afford to buy lots and the price would reduce to £4.25 per card. That’s 35p each. Then I could make £8.15 profit for everyone sold, that’s a 2400% mark up.

PAnasoniccr2016x12web There are words we use for this sort of skulduggery business ‘highway robbery’, ‘profiteering’, Corporate mugging immediately come to mind, even Sharkery (OK so I made that one up). This should be against the law. That’s the last time I go to a nationally known High Street Jewellers.

They are nothing better than crooks.

Addendum  . . . the two pins and the battery came to £10.50 I told him I would give him a tenner which he accepted.


Carl said...

Ever heard of hindsight?

Maffi said...

No what do they play?

Carl said...

Oh, you know, 'All Hail Capitalism', 'He saw you coming', 'What a mug', 'Don't I look silly now?' and 'I wish I'd have googled earlier!' You know, the classics...

They're all great!

grey wolf said...

Come the Glorious day11

Anonymous said...

Hi Maffi it not about the batts or the pins it his time, you pay for, they are so highly trained years of study to learn how to take the backs of watches so they can ripe off mugs like you who cant be bothered to do it for yourself serves you right. LOL