Saturday, 7 November 2009

Spill your blood but not our beer!

In the UK we have laws. Laws which we have to obey. This is all part of the democratic process. There are two things that happen when you get to be 18.

1. You are legally allowed to buy alcohol in any establishment that sells it and consume it in those that are properly licensed.

2. You can die for your country!

We have boys as young as 18 fighting in Afghanistan and losing their lives. How dare the BOAT HOUSE in Wallingford refuse to serve these boys until they are 21! Yes I can see that underage drinking is a problem but this is not the way to deal with, it’s grossly unfair.

091017_123211 It is sad that a five year old and a young fighting soldier can go in this pub and both have to be accompanied by their mum. What a travesty! Does it count as family if Dad proudly takes his 18/19 year old son to the pub when he returns home from Helmand Province? Can Dad buy that son a beer?

I find it difficult to understand why the licensing department would put this restriction on a premises, I would have thought this would have come from a Magistrate’s Court. Surely the Licensing department would have had proper signs printed?

Addendum:- Having looked around at various sites listing pubs the comments/feedback for this pub are abysmal.


JR said...

Hi Maffi
Did you notice that The Boat House has beautiful moorings and an array of 'No Mooring' notices?
We were there recently after seeing you passing through Reading/Caversham at around 5pm on Saturday 17th October. We did not go in The Boat House but took our custom elsewhere - I totally agree with your sentiments.
Overall, the moorings in Wallingford are awful.
Abingdon is far more welcoming to boaters with their "Welcome to Abingdon, these moorings are provided free of charge for your enjoyment" notices.

Maffi said...

You should have shouted to me to stop.

The trouble with moorings like that at the Boat House is whan a boat moors up it blocks the view of the river for the customers on the 'verandah' so I can understand why they dont like moorers. Cant for the life of me understand their 'No Hats' on the verandah rule though.

They have put in some effort in Wallingford for moorers in that it would now be very hard to end up on the bank at the official moorings there are steel uprights. to keep the boat over the river when it floods.

However the chap that collects the mooring fees is also the litter pickerupperer in the parks. He only works 2 hours a day so I think we boaters pay his salary. If you set off before eight o'clock there is no fee.

Martin said...

That would be the 'licensing department' of the Boat House management I feel cetain

Maffi said...

I suspect the same. It is a very tacky sign.