Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Fix My Street

Last week I raised an issue on FIX MY STREET about the lorries ripping up the grass outside the local Co-op (one of many I have bought to the attention of the council). This is on the road coming into Kidlington from the north and the airport. It is an eyesore.

I had a phone call today from the council telling me they were concerned about the problem and would be sorting it soon. The chap mentioned bollards as a possible solution. Another was railings. I thought sleepers upended and buried in the ground would sort it . My idea that it could be made into a proper parking bay was side stepped quoting ‘cost’. At least they are on the case and looking at how this can best be dealt with.


So today I made a difference.


Wozie said...

Good for you Maffi, with all those improvements we won't recognise the place when we come down!

nb Oakfield

Carl said...

I spent 2 years trying to get a nuisance car sales place shut down - finally got them shut as they had no planning permission. Two years!

Got them in the end, though!