Saturday, 23 October 2010

Belize CA

Today I had a visitor on the blog from Ladyville in Belize. That’s in Central America just below Mexico. I stayed near there for four months in 77 and again in 85 for six months. I not only knew people in Ladyville but I have had dinner there and stayed the night. It is such a small world. They didn’t stay long on the blog but their visit bought back memories.BH-map

Ladyville is up from where the 'T' is in City

I remember flying in a Belize Defence Force Norman Britten Islander to Punta Gorda to deliver vegetables there and bring a mother and child up to the city for treatment at the hospital. I drove down to Big Creek (Stan Creek as it was then) in the south through BELMOPAN the capital. I went to Orange Walk and Corazal, the latter on the way to Merida in Mexico. Orange Walk is where I found a liking for corn on the cob ice cream.atmIMG_2394-skeleton800

Mayan sacrificed to the gods

I met a Canadian Architect, Chris, living on a farm on the road to Stan Creek. He had got fed up with the rat race and moved to Belize to grow oranges. I met Charles Chevalier, French resistance fighter, who escaped to England during WWII and after a very varied life came to Belize to live with his Franco/Mex family. I actually met Charles in a small roadside bar built by Chris the Canadian and was invited to dinner with his family. It was a fabulous meal and a great insight into expat family life in the country Their shower was a tall waterfall dropping off a rock butte behind the house. The waterfall also provided electric power via a small turbine/generator.

There are phenomenal Mayan ruins there that need to be seen. Altun Ha and Xunan Tunich the most notable.


This is a ferry aacross the Mopan River which I think takes you to the ruins at Xunan Tunich I used this ferry a couple of times.

The Belize Zoo is a leader in zoos. No concrete pens, just fenced off sections of the real jungle. It was a fabulous place then. I have heard of it since I came home but not recently.

I became very aware of real poverty in Belize, very aware of the difference betweens haves and have not's. We have no idea. It saddens me still. St-Johns-CathedralSt John’s Cathedral really could be in the English countryside, ‘cept for the palm tree of course.belize-city-slum-2_jpg backyard The lesser know parts of the city.

Enough of reminiscing I have a reading week to think about.


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