Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Happy days!

     Not long now and I will become one of the drinking classes. No, no, no, not a worker a student. It is only a few days until the start of term. My bursary is in place and all the paperwork is sorted. I shall turn up next Wednesday for the induction phase and then I will become one of the great unwashed. Happy days!

     RUSKIN offers degree courses English, History, Law, Social Work, to the likes of me and while they are offering I decided to take the offer. I was going to start last year but one or two things got in the way. Its been one or two years since I have sat in a classroom and I don’t relish the thought of doing it again, but if that’s what it takes sit in a classroom it will have to be.

     I feel like I did 55 years ago getting ready to go to primary school.I have my pencils, pens and books. I don’t think I will be wearing short trousers or long socks  Sherwood Park was a good school but I hated every minute of it. I got caned for something I didn’t do and even though teachers would often say I was good at something no one else would believe me. My father taught me to read before I went to school. I don’t mean the cat sat on the mat stuff but proper reading. I could read books, magazines, newspapers. adverts on buses (out loud) that used to piss my mother off. I was always reading and then I went to school. I hated the Janet and John books. At five I could read better than most eleven year olds. When it came to ‘reading time’ I always looked like I was shirking because I didn’t know where we were in the book but the truth of the matter was I was at the end of the book while every everyone else was struggling at the first page. And not one teacher would believe me! Except Miss Knowles. Miss Knowles, a student teacher, came the term before I left primary school. She couldn’t believe I was so clever and made special work programmes for me so she could get on with the rest of the class. She spent a lot of time introducing new work that was more to my ability while the rest of the class were still doing ‘the cat sat……..’ stuff. I treasure those last few weeks at school because at last someone could see that I was not being engaged.

     I do so hope this time around the teachers are different.

     If anyone knows a retired school teacher who was at Uni in the late 50’s name of Knowles, she would be in her 70’s I suppose, please put me in touch.


Anonymous said...

Maffi - Good luck at Ruskin. I was there 1983-5 on the Social Work Course. As I lived within 5 min walk from the Headington College it was a doddle but for trying to put a sentence together :(

Maffi said...

Thank you.