Monday, 25 October 2010

On the water point

There we were on nb Merlin, Debs and Mel and me. Debs had hurt her back, Mel doesn't do steering and they were in need of water. I took the boat backwards to the water point just under Langford Lane Bridge, it’s on the map. It’s a bit awkward because the canal is narrow and the tap is on a corner. Having filled here several times in the past I elected to stay on the straight directly in line with the bridge to make it easier for passing boats.  Had we moored this side of the picture the bow would stick out making things difficult for others.

We were almost finished when a hire boat happened by nb Wallingford, an Oxfordshire Narrowboats boat. There was plenty of room for him to pass yet he insisted on pointing out that it was a stupid place to moor. Well it is an official water point and I told him so. “Doesn't matter,” he said, “You could have moored there, he said pointing at the space behind. Had we done as he had asked he would never have got past and he would probably have died of apoplexy me thinks (or a whack with a mooring pin). So we were doing him a favour. But he was an insistent old duffer.

I had just pointed out that he was a hirer and in no place to offer a qualified opinion on the situation when I slipped and ended my sentence with ‘you dickhead’. It was then with horror that I clasped my hands over my heart. DSCF8593No I wasn’t having an attack, well not in that sense anyway, but it had just dawned on me that I was wearing the company logo on my jacket. Whilst I reserve the right to use the term ‘dickhead’, and others, when I feel its deserved, I don't speak to customers like that as a company employee. It’s just not the done thing, but you know how it is when the moment takes you!


nb piston broke said...

he is one of the many dickheads around hirer or private so I would not worry to much you will probable meet another one soon LOOK theres one on his way now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maffi said...

Yes I know the other came along a while ago, but one is never rude to customers irrespective of their behaviour.

Jaqueline Almdale said...

Ah Maffi,
LOL! You made my morning over here in the States. I commiserate with having to serve the public who are often totally unappreciative. I advise students for a University online degree program. I had a student some years ago in Switzerland--an American Ex-pat--who blamed me for every bleeding thing that she felt wasn't quite up to snuff in her opinion--including her own errors. She called me once and accused me of deliberately attempting to keep her from completing her degree and graduating. I replied, tongue in cheek, "Oh Kate, NO ONE wants to see you graduate more than I."
Thanks again for sharing with all of us.