Friday, 10 December 2010


It was the next big thing and it will be around for years to come.  It will never be replaced by a more sophisticated system or any other program of its type. Facebook was the first and is probably the best. If it isn’t the best who cares, 500 million people are using it.

In the eighties it was CB radio. In the nineties it was computers for some but not for the majority. Computers were to complex and expensive. The mobile phone was the next big thing a few years ago. Some people can text at the speed of light. As the price of the PC came down then the email and messenger became the opium of the masses. Now we have face book.

What ever you say will stay on record for 30 years. How ever innocent you think it was said ,others in the future will twist it out of all recognition of the truth (trust me on this no one ever reads what I write only what they think I write). When you apply for a job your facebook entries could well be a deciding factor in getting employed. And its not just what you say but when you say it. If you spend the small hours on FB are you likely to be punctual, bright eyed and bushy tailed for work in the morning. Probably not! So why would any one employ you?

FB was never meant to be literature and it never will be. This can be seen in the way people no longer punctuate with .,’:;?! instead they use lol pmsl roflmao and others. Children talk to their parents in this manner via FB,  and parents to their children. A short reference to a member of one’s family I read recently seemed to use lol as a comma and pmsl as a full stop. I wonder how these people communicate face2face, maybe the don’t.

I heard someone getting off the bus the other day say to their friend, staying on the bus, ‘facebook’ me. So two previously unconnected nouns joined are now a new verb. Inbox me is yet another ‘newspeak’ term 1984 is here just a few years late.

I feel sorry for literary types because there will soon be no one about who will be able to understand what they write, unless of course they write it in newspeak.

FB consumes my time. I am 60 I don’t have time to spare, ergo I shut down my face book account. I didn’t really need it. I used to pop in once a month. Lately its been everyday. I might only have a few years left I have wasted enough time without FB.


Mike and Poppy said...

To each their own. However, if you want to go over to the dark side.. There is always


Mick and Maggie

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Good on you Maffi for choosing to live an authentic life in the world instead of functioning as an avatar in an artificial reality.

Your comments remind me of an experience I had grading university writing portfolios, which are two hour hand written essay exams in response to a two-four paragraph prompt. This is a requirement for graduation. After 2 hours a student wrote:TLDNR; text speak for "Too Long Did Not Read." My response? F4U.

Maffi said...

Is this some kind of affliction you have this is now 4 different names I have counted.

Jaqueline Biggs said...

LOL! My given name is Jaqueline; my friends and colleagues call me Jaq; my family of O. calls me the dreaded "Jackie"; my internet handle is Wyn2joy. I live in Pullman, WA and my home is named Cloudhouse. No mystery--or multiple prsonalities.
:) Jaqueline

Wiggins said...

I committed facebook suicide when it became preferable (as indeed many things may be) to watching the blow-by-blow-live-in-front-of-you glory of my cousin John turning into my cousin Jane.
The bit about his/her ASBO was quite good though...