Saturday, 23 April 2011


I haven't been blogging a lot in the last few weeks mainly because my dongle is not as it should be. It doesn't seem to like uploading pictures. I take a lot of pictures. I also seem to be very busy working, getting ready for college etc. I meet a lot of people. Some come from a long way off. Some don't, but there is still the need to stop and connect with them. Today I met the crew of Pickles No 2 who I found were working their way down the canal only a few days ago. It was nice to meet Pete and Mrs Pete and a friend whose name escapes me, but she had all the right equipment, even had blonde hair under the dark colour, so she said. I did not make a formal inspection to confirm that.

It is nice that people should want to stop by and say hello, though I do declare that people are stopping more Molly's sake than mine.

The Canal is solid with people today and will continue to be so for the whole week end. Pete told me that because BW did not expect there to be many people on the canal this weekend then they would do some long awaited repaires to a lock they passed through. How on God's earth can BW think that there would be few boats around this weekend! Are they MAD!!! I can think of a few 5 yearolds that could have forseen that. What manager came up with that one?

This is another reason to change all the management at BW. No  vision!

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