Sunday, 15 May 2011

Another change

I have just installed IE9. IE9 is different. It appears to reflect the austere time we live in. The window is sparse. Trimmed to a minimum. It looks like MS can no longer afford to do this, which we all know is certainly not the case, The changes seem to be purely for the sake of change. Take the orbited e that is the icon for the Internet. It used to be fat. It is now - thin! Had peopled complained that the fat e made them feel undervalued? It seems so pointless. Justifying the salaries these people just to write stuff albeit in another language.

Bits that you are used to being cut out for no seemingly good reason. It feels like someone  going into your house and removing the toilet handle.

Our IT department say that the new look is easier to learn for new comers to computing (heard that before). What about those billions that have already learned the last dozen systems MS have produced in the last 20 years? What is MS saying to them (us)? Do they think we have endless time available to re-learn programs yet again? I would hate to think how much time I have wasted re-learning updated programs over the last 21 years.

Computing today is not about learning computing its about clicking a mouse and if that is the level of your computing skills buy a pen!


Jaqueline Almdale said...

I have always believed that if women ran the world everything would be color coded, everything would come with handles, and all parts would be universal. Mind you I am not saying if we ran the world it would be better--just different in a way that makes more sense--at least to me.

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

At least you understand some of it, I didn't understand the last IE, what chance have I got with this? Have they no sympathy for the old and confused?

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

I couldn't read this blog with a pen but the level of my comuting skill is using Microsoft products

Mick said...

Much of the bits-n-bats of the IE9 interface is disabled. The things you had previously are still there. Like all things in life there are changes - today the flavour is minimalist. However, there are some new innovations.

Place your mouse on the top bar of the page. Right click and choose the items from the menu you would like on the IE9 opening page.

You can also click on the (?) and read "What’s new in Internet Exploder 9"

Maffi said...

What I need to read is "Whats new in IE9 that's any real good to me" I will still use IE9 as I used IE8 and prolly IE5,6,7

Obviously they have made changes but are those changes how the program should have been in the first place? I which case they didnt need to give it a makeover just polish up the bits they b*ll*xed in the beginning.

Area D said...

Most of MS software improvements of late seem to have consisted of rearranging the deck chairs. Or even putting most of them in the little shed behind the putting green.

Neil Corbett said...

ditch it and use google chrome. Quicker and better.


Maffi said...

The trouble with google chrome is my blog doesnt appear the same.

Maffi said...

Area D my sentiments exactly.
What they change didn't need fixing
What they didn't change still needs fixing