Friday, 27 May 2011


I love the message in the status bar that say “Done but with errors on the page”

It can be so annoying. It a bit like dentist saying “I have drilled the tooth but haven’t got an filler”. Or the doctor saying “Well we have done the triple by pass but we only had enough for two”.

If the page is loaded it is loaded with all functionality. If it does not have all functionality then it isn’t loaded and the only one ‘done’ is the end user. Why are major soft ware companies allowed to to put inferior products on the market, albeit free, with impunity. Why are trading standards not following this up.

What is stopping the page, you are surfing, from ‘loading’?. Why cant the company fix it?


Area D said...

It's got more to do with the fact that different browsers implement standards with different degrees of rigour. Code that is fully compliant may not work fully because certain browsers do not properly support standards. Alternatively, some browsers will work with non-compliant code. A web developer may have to detect which browser their code is running under and provide alternatives depending on whether their code s running under IE, FireFox, Safari or Chrome. Most don't bother.

Maffi said...

Exactly my point if software companies are not issuing programs that work 100% then it needs fixing. We are being sold short.