Friday, 6 May 2011

Further to the boaters in London

From their website.
As Continuous Cruisers we are bringing this process to your attention as well as asking you to support us.
What gets me is they believe this twaddle. They are most certainly not CCers as they claim to be. They are simply mooring fee dodgers. We need to be very clear about that. They may have signed the CCers declaration about the Mooring Guide but they have broken the rules and their status as CCers is invalidated.
Understand this boaters from London in order to CC you MUST move your boat around the system. If BW allow you not to do that now, it is not your cleverness that is to be praised but BW lack of kahunas in allowing you to continue to break the rules.
I am sorry but I will not support you people in breaking the rules any more than I would support Barrack Obamma’s application to join the KKK. (Barrack Obama is quite entitled to join under equality rules but I dont think he would survive a bit like putting the pigeons among the cats, and that would be a shame).

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Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Hear Hear I cry. On the K&A, having lost a case in court the local overstayers are claiming it as a victory? Hopefully B.W. will use the opportunity to suggest to them that they stick to the rules.

Maffi said...

Did you notice that the local boaters organisation has told Davis not to contest the decision. Were he to take it to a higer court and lose ,which he probably would do, then it would become a pecedent(?sp) and would apply to all boaters down there.