Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I dont believe it!

I made my way to Northbrook lock today, to spend a few days reading writing for college.

I had an uneventful trip up the canal, until that is, I got to the lock. There on the bankside was a blonde bimbo trying to untie her boat, which she had tied through the gaps in the rail that form the old style piling. She was doing this all with one hand in the wind. Ah shame I hear you say. The other hand was filled with mobile bloody phone. I dont believe what was happening on the phone was so important and if it was she should have waited to untie the boat. I swear the next time I see anyone doing this I will poke a mooring pin through their ears. Not much chance of hurting them being as their brain would be easily missed.

A green boat called Serenity came through a bit later after I had been out sawing wood. I left two larger bits of wood at the lock behind the bench to go back later to cut it. When I went back to close the bottom gate that a hire boat had left open! Serenity had had it away with my bloody wood! I don't believe it!!!!!!!!!

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